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Hi, I'm Christi, your personal travel agent. As an independent travel agent I hold certifications for Disney, Marriott and Princess Cruises and many more luxury vacation spots, which means I've done all the work so you don't have to. I also have access to hard to get tickets for concerts, sporting events and special events, including Broadway shows. 


Services Provided

Whether you're looking for a cruise, plane tickets, accommodations, or the whole package, I have you covered! Simple tell me where you want to go and I'll help you figure out the rest. I work directly with other companies to get the best deals.


Language Learning

Partnering with Language-Social you can learns a new language while traveling. At Language-Social our program stands apart from other language learning programs through an interactive, immersive, and social curriculum with highly skilled professional tutors. We provide an enjoyable class format, continuous long term practice, and group world travel options. Whether you are seeking private lessons, group classes, or corporate classes, we offer a style that will fit your needs.

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Learn a new language while traveling the world.